Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Top 10 Most Memorable Strangers of My Life

(Keep in mind these are only the ones I can remember)

Part 1: #1-5

1. Leilani the cruise ship blackjack dealer/3 day girlfriend - A 3 night cruise to the bahamas, and where did I end up spending most of my nights? That's right, at the blackjack table making back the $600 i spent on the cruise. Little did I know I would meet the love of my life. We locked eyes at first sight, and from there it was an unspoken date every night at the casino. It got to the point where on the last night I passed out and didn't make it to the tables, and she ended up asking my friends where I was. I mean, sure she was probably 32 years old, married, lived in the Philippines, and needed some dental work, but how can you turn down a girl who deals you A-10 likes it her job? Sigh...

2. Matt the Australian Sailboat deckhand - Let's just say, if I were gay, it'd be game over. I'd be crushin like Big Pun. This was one of the coolest dudes I've ever met. At one point during our 3 day sailing excursion through the Whitsunday islands of Australia, he dived into the icy waters to pull up an achor that was stuck in the mud with his bare hands. And he does it all the freakin time like it's nothing. He looks like a 28 yr old seasoned captain of the seas, but the girls were a bit dissapointed when they found out he was only 22.

3. Viktor the Vegas Taxi driver - 6 words from this wise Russian taxi driver will remain in our memory forever: "You mussst go to zee Rhino". A little googling should get you the answers you seek, but be warned. The Rhino is not for the weak of mind. Be wary, or you will go broke.

4. Zach - It was a cold dark morning on some beach in Australia, and I had been convinced to wake up at 5am to see the sunrise. It was cloudy and dark, no sun to be seen. In the distance I heard a flute playing. I followed the hypnotic tune of the pied piper, and that's how I met Zach. Walking along the beach in hippie clothes playing the flute. Zach was an odd fella to say the least. Here you can see a video of him playing that very same flute as our ship sinks.

5. LeAnn - It was a week long church missions trip in Kensington, PA. We were running a vacation bible school, and I was the head of the "cooking class". I taught the kids how to make pizza bagels, milk shakes, playdough, etc. She wrote me a note with a scribbled drawing of me with spiky asian hair. I never heard from her again. Hopefully she isn't living off pizza bagels and milk shakes, or I might not recognize her if I ever saw her again.