Sunday, January 18, 2009

Debate Corner - "I've got El Nino in my pants!"

Alright, so I still feel like I'm not ready to post a blog about a serious topic yet, so I'll entertain you guys with a little debate. Me and my old high school pals like to have "worse case scenario" debates, which usually end up with me disagreeing with everyone else. So, here's a little conundrum if you will:

Let's say you're backpacking through a foreign country with your girlfriend, and you're going to be out traveling all day, when suddenly you spontaneously lose control of your bladder and completely soak your pants in pee. Now, I'm not talking about your grandmother's little accident. I'm talking El Nino in your pants, I'm talking about a 90% saturation level, and that sh*t REEKS something foul. Now, don't ask why you would suddenly just piss your pants, just imagine it. Now, the only spare clothing you have is your girlfriend's red prom dress which she is for some reason carrying with her in her backpack. So, here's the ultimate question:

Will you (Vote in the poll):
A) Choose to walk around for the rest of the day in your foul piss stained pants or
B) Strut your stuff in your girlfriend's bright red prom dress.

Keep in mind there are no clothing stores around you because you're at some tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere, and tons of people will be seeing you, and taking pictures of course. Basically, it's either A or B. And girls, try to imagine you are a dude. I of course, went with the dress, while all my other pals chose the "pee-soaked pants". What would you do?


  1. oops. i meant to comment that i'd opt for the dress in this one.