Friday, April 17, 2009

Urban Dictionary - part1

It has come to my attention that common slang among guys has evolved to the point where girls can't understand what the heck we're saying. SO, I'm gonna take this time on a very busy Friday morning (*cough*) to shed some light for you ladies on some common Man-speak that's being thrown around these days:

Hurting (hAr-tING) - used to describe something that is ridiculously below standard. Was first used by the Sports Junkies radio talk show on DC 101. The worse that something is, the longer the first half of the word is drawn out (ex. "Huuur-ting")

"Man that chick is HURRR-TING"
"Get some new shoes man, those joints are Hur-ting"

Nub - Describes someone who just flat out sucks at something. One who lacks knowledge, experience, skill, or just fails at life in general.
(synonyms: nubcake, newb, n00b, noob, newbie, nubmuffin)

"Wow what a nub-cake"

A lil' bit money - something that is extremely awesome. The more "money" that something is, the more drawn out the word "money" is, and the more emphasis placed on the "m" (ex. " lil bit MMooooooney"). Not to be confused with "a little bit of money". That is used to describe being broke.

"Yo this steak is a lil' bit moooooooooh-ney!"

G.G. (gee-gee)- literally stands for "good game", which is typically said after a round of gaming. However, it is used in common language to mean "game over", or "you're finished buddy", or "you have no chance".

guy1 - "Yo man i don't think I can hang out tonight, my g/f is callin' me"
guy 2 - "oh man... gg"

PWNed (PO-wned) - Used to describe getting utterly dominated or made a fool of. Originates from the word "owned". Typically said after laying a monster insult or embarrassing someone.

"Yea, that's what your sister said last night. PWNed."

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